Thursday, August 6, 2009

Legal Information About Cervical Cancer from Charfoos & Christensen (Detroit Michigan Law Firm)


Cervical cancer, unlike ovarian cancer, can be diagnosed early enough to provide effective treatment. Key facts about cervical cancer include:

  • In the U.S.A. -- 14,500 new cases and 4,900 deaths from cervical cancer are reported each year

  • Worldwide - cervical cancer is second only to breast cancer as most common malignancy in both incidence and mortality

  • 1/4 of cervical cancers in women greater than 60 years

  • Failure-to-diagnose cervical cancer produces 14% of the "failure-to-diagnose" claims for malpractice

Physician errors leading to misdiagnosis of cervical cancer include:

  • The physician's failure to act on an abnormal PAP test result

  • The physician's failure to realize no PAP test report has come back (fell between the cracks)

  • The physician's failure to specify a follow-up interval to the patient

  • Physician or staff failure to document positive or negative PAP test results

Because cervical cancer can be diagnosed at an early stage and because viable treatments exist, a medical-legal investigation by an attorney may be appropriate wherever there has been a failure to diagnose or timely treat cervical cancer.

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