Monday, April 8, 2013

Michigan Contaminated Steroid Injection Cases

Charfoos & Christensen has accepted and filed suit in a number of the Michigan Contaminated Steroid Injection Cases. The cases that the firm is accepting include: death cases; cases with stroke; and cases diagnosis with fungal meningitis or fungal abscess. Unlike other Michigan attorneys who are filing these cases in Federal Court, Charfoos & Christensen's cases are being filed in the State Court of Massachusetts against the compounding company, its owners, its pharmacists, its testing lab and other related defendants. Since the filing of the early Massachusetts State Court cases, the primary defendant, The New England Compounding Company (NECC) has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection. It is likely that the defendant owners of NECC will also request Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. We are waiting to see whether the Massachusetts State Court will allow the state cases to proceed against the non-bankruptcy filing defendants such as NECC's independent testing laboratory.

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