Monday, December 8, 2014

Hip Implant Settlement 2014

Hip implants manufactured by The Stryker Corporation, a hip implant manufacturer, created a settlement fund of $1.4 billion dollars. Michigan residents with Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implants often develop persistent hip pain due to fluid buildup around the joint, experience damage to hip muscles, and have blood tests that were characterized by the presence of heavy metal ions. Most orthopedic surgeons have advised the removal and replacement of these devices. The settlement provides awards of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00) for each failed hip implant, and additional monies if injuries were sustained during the surgical removal and replacement. Patients who had their defective implants removed and replaced before November 3, 2014, or patients who are too ill to undergo revision surgery are entitled to make claims against the settlement funds. Charfoos and Christensen is representing patients injured by these Stryker implants. If you or a family member has suffered from one of these implants and would like to learn more about making a claim, please call attorney Doug Peters at 313-875-8080 or 800-247-8974 for a free consultation.

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