Thursday, April 20, 2017

Woman injured hand in a car accident, awarded $95,000.00, Wayne County Michigan

This is an auto negligence claim. The defendant was traveling southbound on a 5-lane road at which time Plaintiff was traveling northbound. The defendant entered the lane in which Plaintiff was traveling and struck Plaintiff nearly head-on, causing extensive property damage to the vehicle as well as bodily injury to Plaintiff. The defendant was cited. Plaintiff sustained fracture to her hand resulting in surgery for pin placement, the wearing of a compression glove to help reduce swelling, suffered severe loss of mobility and was unable to engage in employment and many daily activities. A second surgery was necessary to remove the pins and apparatus placed. Plaintiff sustained significant scarring, limitations on mobility and range of movement. Injuries sustained were multi-focal hand trauma, including but not limited to displaced metacarpal neck fracture of the right hand, thumb laceration and avulsion fracture which required the above-mentioned surgery and extensive physical and occupational therapy. The case was settled for $95,000 on a $100,000 policy pre-suit. No experts were involved in the case. Negotiations occurred between insurance carrier for the potential defendant. No outside attorneys were involved.

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